Jennifer Graf

Site Survey Manager

Prior to joining TotalEnergies, Jennifer worked with multiple companies conducting and interpreting site surveys for offshore wind and was active in establishing geophysical protocols for safe offshore wind development for the American Wind Energy Association. Before this, Jennifer worked at Chevron as an Operations Geophysicist in the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa and as a consultant for numerous companies. Jennifer has over 20 years of global experience as a geohazards specialist, usually partnering with project geotechnical engineers throughout her career.

Jennifer Graf attended at the University of Houston and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics and a Mathematics minor. She then earned a Master of Science degree in Geology from Auburn University where she conducted petrographic analyses of shock features of USGS/ICDP Chesapeake Bay impact crater core samples to constrain the extent of high pressure/high temperature shock deformation. She continued her graduate education at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics where she studied moonquakes, induced seismicity, and Northern Carnarvon Basin Neogene shelf-edge evolution.

As the Site Survey Manager at TotalEnergies for the Attentive Energy Project, Jennifer will be responsible for offshore survey campaigns for the New York Bight offshore wind project. She will manage safe and efficient surveys that facilitate the supply of wind energy to the region. Jennifer is dedicated to promoting and helping to evolve the US Renewables industry.