Attentive Energy Begins Inaugural Benthic Survey Campaign in Lease Area 

September 5, 2022

Offshore Wind Developer to deploy R/V James K. Goodwin 

NEW YORK, New York – September 5, 2022 – Attentive Energy LLC, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies Renewables USA, LLC, will begin its inaugural benthic survey campaign in federal offshore wind Lease Area OCS-A 0538 starting this month. The purpose of the survey campaign is to characterize the geological and benthic attributes of the Attentive Energy Lease Area and along the potential export cable routes. 

Attentive Energy’s benthic survey campaign will use the R/V James K. Goodwin to assess the survey area utilizing a high-resolution SPI/PV (Sediment Profile Imaging/Plan View) imaging system.  This SPI/PV and associated video systems will provide an integrated, multidimensional view of the benthic conditions and sedimentary geology  to characterize benthic habitats and describe surficial sediments. In addition, the survey will deploy the use of XOCEAN’s Uncrewed Surface Vessel (“USV”) to collect seafloor data.  XOCEAN’s USV will collect data efficiently and safely, without the need for an onboard crew in a sustainable manner. This is achieved by using satellite communication, 24/7 real-time pilot monitoring, a carbon neutral hybrid power system, and a 360˚ camera view. By using XOCEAN’s USV the project saves more than 170,000 lbs. of fuel compared to regular vessels. 

Maintaining a robust health and safety culture across all project activities is Attentive Energy’s highest priority. All vessels used within this campaign are subject to rigorous HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) screening and all project staff will follow the guidance documented in the project Health and Safety Plan (HASP) prepared specifically for this survey. This HASP includes Emergency Response Procedures, Safe Work Practices, and Task Based Risk Assessments for all planned project activities. 

The benthic survey campaign is the first of three survey campaigns expected to commence in Lease Area OCS-A 0538 over the next 6 months. Attentive Energy’s forthcoming full Geotechnical and Geophysical (G&G) campaign is approved by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the federal regulatory agency for offshore wind development. 

If mariners have questions regarding Attentive Energy’s survey campaign, they can contact Marine Affairs Manager Brian LeFebvre at