Attentive Energy’s team is growing. In addition to our local office in New York City, Attentive has an office in Boston. We continue to grow and look forward to adding more talented people across all departments and project initiatives.

Alfonso Alvarez

Foundations/T&I Package Manager

Faisal Amir

Electrical Systems Manager

Damian Bednarz

Managing Director

Elenor “Nell” Bowen

Offtake Program Coordinator

Nicolas Cambefort

VP Project Delivery

Gaspar Caro

Workforce & Economic Development Specialist

Erica Chen

Permitting & Environmental Compliance Specialist

Jarett Contino

Onshore Transmission Manager

Gregory Costello-Spears

Transversal Project Manager

Brian DeCamp

HVDC Contract Lead

Karen Dong

Workforce & Economic Development Coordinator

Richard England

Workforce & Economic Development Advisor

Favio Germán

Community Engagement Manager

Murray Greene

Senior Legal Counsel

Emily Helldorfer

Communications Specialist

Scot Hewitt-Gudgin

Commercial Director

Quentin Hincker

Project Engineer

Alexandra Howell

Workforce & Labor Liaison

Jonathan Howie

Technical Director

Karen Imas

Senior External Affairs Manager

Isabel Kaubisch

Permitting Interface Lead

Johnny Kelley

Project Control Lead

Mahdiyeh Khodaparastan

Senior Interconnection Engineer

Ryan Klepetko

Cost Control Lead

Laura Klewicki

Permitting Manager

Léa Kudelka

Document Controller

Lily Landhauser

Policy & Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Vincent Latron

Survey Manager

Brian LeFebvre

Marine Affairs Manager

Tania Marinos

Workforce & Economic Development Manager

Cassandra Moreno

Procurement Lead

Anthony “AJ” Negrelli

Local Content Lead

Mariela Nunez

Cost Controller

James O’Flynn

Project Contracts Lead

Paul Phifer

Permitting & Development Director

Juli Schroeger

Permitting Specialist

Jason Schuler

Interconnection Program Lead

Kirsty Speirs

HSEQ Manager

Erica Spencer-EL

New Jersey Community Liaison

Erik Strand

Interface and Risk Lead

Allyn Sullivan

Environmental Affairs Specialist

Laurent Tavet

Project Control Director

Caroline Tkachuk

Commercial Manager

Sebastian Velez

Fisheries Liaison

Julien Wastyn

HVDC Package Manager

Casey Wiseman

Procurement Manager

Christen Wittman

VP Project Development