Erik Strand

Interface and Risk Lead

As the Interface and Risk Lead for Attentive Energy, Erik will take responsibility for the supervision and coordination of all activities related to both Interface Management and Risk Management by being responsible for the definition, development, implementation and maintenance of an adequate Interface Management System and a Risk Management System. His motivation and objectives are to facilitate a risk driven decision making approach during this execution phase of the project.

Over the past 20 years, Erik has worked in a wide range of PMT roles in the offshore energy sector, including FEED to commissioning for megacap offshore projects in oil and gas, offshore wind, and offshore transmission. At an early stage in his career, Erik served as an officer in NATO stabilization forces in former Yugoslavia. Also, he has spent 10 years in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea working on mega-cap offshore projects such as Johan Sverdrup, Gina Krog and Golar FSRU in roles such as Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer and Assistant Commissioning Manager. In addition to his technical leadership responsibilities, he has held various management positions. Erik has worked as the HVDC Lead for Mid Atlantic Offshore Development for the past two years, and as the Offshore Substation Technical Lead for Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 1. During this time, he worked on transversal matters such as permitting, Geotech and Geoscience, HVDC and HVAC systems, T&I, CVA and NERC CIP processes, interconnection, transmission, interface management, risk analyses and mitigations, and implementation of completion management systems.