Attentive Energy’s proposal for this Project reflects both a statewide strategy that advances
programs and investments across all 21 counties, as well as impactful initiatives and engagements across Monmouth County which will host the Larrabee Collector Station interconnection point, as a result of the State Agreement Approach (SAA). By building on the success of the Attentive Energy Two Project, this proposal underscores Attentive Energy’s commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental stewardship.

A Joint Venture of:

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Attentive Energy Delivers Again for New Jersey

The Attentive Energy proposal offers wide-ranging community, business, and environmental investments and commitments that will facilitate a world-class offshore wind project. This project proposes to deliver over 1.3 GW of renewable offshore wind energy to New Jersey, power approximately 650,000 homes, remove 2.1 million tons of carbon emissions annually, and generate $15 billion in economic activity state-wide. Attentive Energy’s $110 million in the Renewed Legacy investment program will support partners across the State in sustainability, workforce, community development and other programs.

Attentive Energy’s New Jersey Proposal in Brief


A Trusted Partner: Reliability, Maturity, Collaboration

This project builds upon the success of the awarded Attentive Energy Two Project (AE2). In this proposal, Attentive Energy offers a project designed to maximize benefits to ratepayers by developing and delivering its two projects sequentially to the interconnection point at Larrabee Collector Station using the SAA. Attentive Energy is already working with all parties involved in the SAA through its AE2 project, allowing it to offer an advanced solution that will contribute towards the shared success of the state’s pre-build infrastructure (PBI) solution. Additionally, with the selection of this proposal, New Jersey will receive not only the full capacity from Attentive Energy’s Lease Area, but also an advanced, viable, and vetted solution with synergies to AE2.

An Effective Partner: Consistent Outreach in Monmouth County

Through early and extensive engagements across Monmouth County, Attentive Energy has proven to be an effective partner helping local officials and industry partners navigate the point of interconnection. The Attentive Energy team is building off feedback we’ve received through years of proactive community engagement. We remain committed to coordination among the various entities involved and propose the formation of a Monmouth County Community Advisory Board that will work alongside the proposed project to advance local engagement on offshore wind opportunities and project updates.

Economic Development Leadership: Making it Work for NJ

Attentive Energy is committed to creating sustainable economic opportunities throughout New Jersey and proposes significant intersectional investments targeted to small, local businesses and overburdened communities. Localizing and diversifying the supply chain has been imperative to Attentive Energy’s mission. Attentive Energy is committing up to $300 million for a Supply Chain Localization Fund that will support in-state manufacturing and a homegrown industry. Other investments include a focus on business attraction and retention to keep the best and brightest working in New Jersey.

Expanding on NJ’s Foundational Offshore Wind Investments and Workforce

Following in the footsteps of AE2, this proposed project looks forward to marshalling at the New Jersey Wind Port and plans to consolidate all Operation and Maintenance activities in-state. These initiatives reinforce New Jersey’s foundational investments in a local offshore wind supply chain. In addition to these economic commitments, Attentive Energy has signed an agreement with 7 local unions to develop a Project Labor Agreement.

Statewide Strategy: A Cleaner, Greener, More Prosperous NJ

Proposed initiatives, intended to serve all 21 counties, are a reflection of what we’ve heard from citizens and stakeholders across the State. This proposal includes investments to support individuals in communities that lack reliable public transit access, while also studying how best to address the future of transportation as offshore wind creates new employment hubs; a coastal resilience fund that will support tangible flood resiliency projects and technical assistance across the State; and an energy equity fund to help households across the state with energy costs and to keep New Jersey livable, affordable, and family friendly. 

Environmental and Marine Conservation: Above and Beyond

Attentive Energy’s proposal demonstrates not only a robust commitment to avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating environmental and fisheries impacts but actively improving conditions for wildlife and advancing sustainability. Consistent with its goals set for the AE2 Project, Attentive Energy aims to achieve no net loss of biodiversity and no net loss of commercial fishing revenue and identify where the Project can have a net positive impact on select species. This Project’s environmental and fisheries mission will be supported through partnerships and investments with leading research and conservation entities and regional collaboratives.

A Local and Proven Partnership with Skills for Success


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Corio Generation

Corio Generation is a specialist global offshore wind developer and a portfolio company of Macquarie Asset Management operating on a standalone basis. Corio has one of the world’s largest offshore wind project pipelines, with over 30 GW at various stages of development across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. For more information, visit:

Rise Light & Power

Rise Light & Power is a Queens, NY-based energy asset manager and developer. Its core asset, the Ravenswood Generating Station, is New York City’s largest power-generating facility, providing more than 20% of the city’s generation capacity. Rise is pursuing an exciting growth-oriented strategy, including modernization and resiliency upgrades at Ravenswood, as well as new large-scale clean energy infrastructure to facilitate the renewable energy transition in New York and New Jersey. Rise Light & Power is a wholly owned affiliate of LS Power. For more information, please visit: