2023 Geophysical and Geotechnical Surveys:

The Emma McCall, a vessel of TDI-Brooks International, is working in the Lease Area acquiring MBES, magnetometer data, side-scan sonar (SSS) data, and sub-bottom profiler (SBP) data at all geotechnical sampling locations. This data will provide information about the seafloor and can reveal the presence of shipwrecks or hazards on the seabed. The SBP data will show the seafloor and subsurface in cross-section to reveal information about the geologic history of the region and can show subsurface hazards to avoid during trenching and cable and turbine installation. The Emma is operating exclusively in the Lease Area and will likely conclude acquisition in early February 2023.

This data will help with the design and construction phases of the wind farm and are important to keep people, the environment, and equipment safe throughout operations.

For any queries regarding vessel activity, please contact our Fisheries Liaison, Sebastian Velez at 731-456-7715, or our Marine Affairs Manager, Brian LeFebvre at 202-997-8074.