Empowering communities to share their voice

Our work can’t be done alone.

We look to communities for their insights to make each project a shared success. We start local, on the ground, guided by a commitment to transparent and collaborative dialogue, working to be a good neighbor, now and into the future.


We believe meaningful community engagement starts early. That’s why our team is committed to collaborating with local leaders, businesses, and community groups to develop our projects together.


We will meet stakeholders where they are, especially those from underserved, disadvantaged, and overburdened communities.


We will engage stakeholders proactively, building up trusted relationships and acknowledging the knowns and unknowns.


We will maintain a cooperative two-way dialogue and seek out shared interests across all parties to develop actionable goals.


Our belief is that by working collaboratively with ocean users and the fishing community, we can optimize on-water activity to prioritize safety and minimize impacts on natural resources.


We’re committed to building a network of suppliers that support our mission to deliver locally supported, innovative and cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Our suppliers are a key part of making that mission a reality.