Mariela Nunez

Cost Controller

As the Cost Controller for Attentive Energy, Mariela provides cost control support for the development and construction of the offshore windfarms.  This includes updating the Project Cost System with commitments and actuals, assign budgets to commitments, group all forecast changes into trends and provide justification, documentation, and summary for each trend, work with contract leads and scheduling to time phase ETC forecast, update the Earned Value (VoWD) of each package monthly, documenting the basis for all records, regularly audit all cost data to ensure quality and auditability and document cost control process and status to document to shareholders.

Before joining Attentive Energy, Mariela was a senior cost manager for a consulting firm, where she improved the cost control reports and documentation process for American Insurance Group (AIG).  During her 20+ years of experience in construction management, Mariela has worked on several high-rise projects in the New York metropolitan area. Among these were Manhattan West, World Trade Center, and Goldman Sachs Tower. She holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo and a graduate certificate in project management from New Jersey Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a certificate in real estate.