Allyn Sullivan

Environmental Affairs Specialist

Allyn joins TotalEnergies with 9 years of consulting experience for engineering and design firms as a marine, coastal, and benthic ecologist. She has a breadth of permitting experience within the marine domain, having developed a technical background in fisheries, benthic habitat, marine mammals, sea turtles, and other protected resources. She has been involved in the offshore wind industry since 2016 in a number of different roles, from obtaining survey data offshore to assisting with the management and writing of various SAPs and COPs.

Allyn received a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Natural Resources and the Environment with a concentration of Resource Planning and minors in Economics and Community Development.

As the Environmental Affairs Specialist at TotalEnergies for the Attentive Energy – New York Bight offshore wind project, Allyn will contribute to the offshore wind permitting team by developing and supporting an environmental program that is robust, comprehensive, and responsible towards the protection of the environment and its resources. She will support all environmental aspects of offshore wind projects, including designing, permitting, overseeing, and analyzing results from environmental survey campaigns, research, monitoring and mitigation efforts, to minimize impacts to environmental resources throughout all project phases. Allyn will play a critical role in collecting and understanding site-specific environmental resource data, and defining and mitigating potential resulting risks, associated with the execution of offshore wind project design, permitting, and environmental assessment to support the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (“COP”) and related permits and approvals in a timely manner.