Attentive Energy One Selected by New York State to Power Over 700,000 Homes with Offshore Wind

Community-driven project will spur billions of dollars in economic activity across New York State, reduce emissions, and deliver a just transition of union workers at New York City’s largest power plant

[New York, New York, November 17] – Attentive Energy One – a joint venture between TotalEnergies, Rise Light & Power, and Corio Generation – has been selected by Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) in New York State’s highly competitive third offshore wind solicitation to negotiate an offtake agreement with NYSERDA. This 1,400 MW offshore wind project will support the nation’s first renewable repowering of a major fossil fuel generator, retiring and replacing a 60-year-old unit at Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City. Once operational, the project is expected to power over 700,000 New York homes from an area more than 50 miles from the nearest point onshore in New York.  

In addition to reducing carbon emissions by more than one million tons per year – equivalent to removing 13% of cars from New York City streets – Attentive Energy One is expected to deliver $25.6 billion in direct and indirect economic benefits to New York State, including more than 2,600 new unique jobs. The project is also expected to save ratepayers approximately $10 billion on their utility bills over the first 25 years of operation, including $500 million in savings for low-income New Yorkers.

Doreen Harris, President and CEO, NYSERDA said: “New York State’s largest-ever renewable energy awards’ announcement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to achieving an equitable and vibrant clean energy future. We look forward to working with the Attentive Energy One team to bring the project online to reduce emissions and deliver zero-emission energy to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.”

Damian Bednarz, Managing Director of Attentive Energy said: “Attentive Energy One is a community-driven project that will spur billions of dollars in economic activity, support a just transition for union workers and reduce emissions in a historically disadvantaged community. Following years of local engagement across the City and State, our team looks forward to delivering a project that reflects New York, our values and our common goals of economic development and addressing climate change.  We are grateful to Governor Hochul, NYSERDA, and our community partners for their confidence and as we move this project forward, we will do everything possible to meet the mission ahead.”

David Foulon, Managing Director of Offshore Wind US at TotalEnergies said: “We are deeply honored that the State of New York chose Attentive Energy One to deliver on the promise of bringing green electricity directly to the heart of New York City and entrusted us with unprecedented investments in local communities and industrial facilities to serve offshore wind from and for New York State. This is an important milestone for our offshore wind portfolio in the United States, as part of TotalEnergies Renewables U.S. growth into the fifth largest renewable energy developer in the country.”

Clint Plummer, CEO of Rise Light & Power said: “This historic announcement will help make the nation’s first renewable repowering a reality. We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Hochul, and NYSERDA for this historic first step toward a Renewable Ravenswood. This is the beginning of an exciting process, which will set the standard for a responsible renewable energy transition that works with communities, works with labor, and benefits all New Yorkers.”

Eric Thumma, Head of U.S. at Corio Generation said: “Corio specializes in harnessing the power of offshore wind for the benefit of communities around the world. We are honored that NYSERDA selected Attentive Energy One, our first U.S. project and a joint venture developed together with TotalEnergies and Rise & Light Power, in this round of offshore wind contracts. When we decided to enter the U.S. market, we quickly identified New York as a clean energy, economic development, and offshore wind leader. We are excited to work with our partners, NYSERDA, local stakeholders and others to build a project that creates good paying jobs, invests in domestic manufacturing, revitalizes local communities, and delivers abundant clean energy to New York’s electricity consumers.”

Attentive Energy One’s Key Commitments:

Fossil Retirement

Attentive Energy One will retire and replace fossil-fuel generation at the Ravenswood Generating Station with offshore wind. Power generated by the offshore wind farm will be delivered to New York City via underwater transmission lines that will connect to a new converter station at Ravenswood Generating Station. By harnessing the power of offshore wind, the project will reduce carbon emissions by more than one million tons per year – replacing 400 megawatts of 1960s-era fossil fuel generation capacity at Ravenswood.

Just Transition

Attentive Energy One will deliver a first-of-its-kind just transition for members of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 1-2 at Ravenswood, who will be the first fossil fuel power plant staff to retrain for careers in offshore wind. Once operational, Attentive Energy One will be managed from the new Ravenswood Operations & Maintenance Hub, with a training fund dedicated to upskilling existing union members for new positions. 

Unprecedented Economic Benefits

Attentive Energy One, upon executing an agreement with NYSERDA, is expected to launch a Lasting Legacy Investment Program by investing $300 million in various community, fishery, and environmental projects across New York State. This fund includes $78 million in targeted community investments that prioritize disadvantaged communities and support development of local workforce talent and businesses. 

Partnerships to advance workforce training with a wide range of entities across New York State include the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Local 3 and the State University of New York Maritime College. These investments extend to local grassroots organizations including Spin the Yard and the NYC Harbor School, which will support new career pathways for New Yorkers.

The Lasting Legacy Investment Program also advances the NYS Supply Chain Development Partnership, a proposed initiative that commits $15 million to a collaboration between the Center for Economic Growth, Institute for Workforce Advancement, and NYC Economic Development Corporation. This proposed plan for cross-regional collaboration will drive three key programs for offshore wind supply chain development: grassroots supplier engagement, small and diverse business funding, and supplier scouting.

Also included in the Lasting Legacy Investment Program is a commitment of at least $30 million to conserve, monitor, and research marine wildlife in an aim to achieve no net loss of biodiversity. Conservation topics include habitat restoration, oceanography, fisheries, marine mammals, and acoustic telemetry, among other areas, and will support partnerships across more than ten academic and research institutions including Cornell University, Syracuse University, and SUNY Stony Brook.

Unmatched Project Maturity

Attentive Energy One has made significant progress gathering the required project and site information and preparing for and submitting all the required permit applications. Following pending approvals, a buoy will soon be deployed in the Lease Area to gather important meteorological and oceanographic information. Attentive Energy is well on its way to completing its Construction and Operations Plan, the primary document required for federal permitting. Rise Light & Power has already submitted an Article VII application to the state of New York.

Community Involvement

Attentive Energy One maintains a commitment to transparent and accessible community engagement, having already engaged with over 600 individuals in interactive community forums. The project will host additional forums in the coming months to receive feedback from different constituencies across the City and State.

Statewide comments on the Attentive Energy One Award:

“Achieving climate justice in our state lies in making the investment to foster impactful renewable energy projects,” said Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. “I am extremely excited by the Attentive Energy One joint venture project to transition New York City’s largest fossil fuel burning generating facility, the Ravenswood Generating Station, to ‘Renewable Ravenswood’, a new clean energy operations and maintenance hub for offshore wind. This transition to green energy will support our climate goals, generate new green union jobs, and benefit frontline environmental justice communities like those at Queensbridge and Ravenswood Houses. This new offshore wind and land-based renewable energy project will not only sustainably power our communities but also lower energy costs and create more jobs for working families here in LIC, Queens and upstate.”

“Not only does offshore wind reduce harmful pollution but investing in this emerging industry will create good-paying jobs, build a localized supply chain, and lower energy costs for New York families,” Congressman Paul Tonko said. “This enormous potential is why I’ve been dedicated in driving federal action that harnesses the power of offshore wind for our state and region. I’m thrilled by the selection of this project, which will benefit our economy, environment, and consumers alike, and I look forward to supporting the project’s partners as they work through federal permitting processes.”

“Queens is on the cusp of becoming an international leader in resiliency, sustainability and clean energy. Projects like Attentive Energy One will help us achieve that goal, all while better safeguarding our families from the countless dangers of fossil fuel usage and climate change,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “Wind power, along with solar and hydroelectricity, are critical pieces of Queens’ renewable energy revolution, and I’m looking forward to working with all our public and private sector partners to create jobs, improve the health of our environment, and deliver a cleaner climate for our children to inherit.”

“Renewable Ravenswood reflects the need to undertake a just transition as we move to clean energy,” said James Shillito, President of Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2. “We are off to a great start with commitments made with Attentive Energy One, including a training fund to upskill our members and make sure that the women and men who keep New York City’s lights on aren’t left in the dark. These are the first steps to advance the Renewable Ravenswood vision, which will create even more opportunities for organized labor.”

“The members of Local Union No. 3, IBEW enthusiastically support the recent offshore wind project award to Attentive Energy One. We as a union and an industry are committed to addressing the challenges of the climate crisis head on, ensuring that a just transition to renewable energy generation takes place in a meaningful and successful way, with a skilled and professional union workforce who earn family-sustaining wages and benefits guaranteed by union contracts and Project Labor Agreements. By repurposing existing facilities and energy infrastructure, Attentive Energy One’s plans will advance the transition to clean energy generation, support long-term union careers and workforce development, and cement NY’s place as an offshore wind hub,” said Christopher Erikson, Business Manager, Local Union No. 3, IBEW.

“This ambitious 1,400 MW offshore wind project, selected by Governor Hochul and NYSERDA, marks a significant shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. By repowering the Ravenswood Generating Station, it sets a groundbreaking precedent in energy transformation, reducing over a million tons of carbon emissions annually – the equivalent of taking 13% of NYC’s cars off the streets. This initiative is not just about clean energy; it’s about building a resilient, economically vibrant, and equitable New York, investing in communities, fostering a sustainable future, and championing environmental justice,” said Lynn Spivey, President of the NYCHA NAACP branch.

“Recognizing the growth in the offshore renewable energy sector, the College established its Center of Excellence for Offshore Wind Education, Training, and Innovation to develop a clean energy workforce and encourage research and scholarship in this growing industry. SUNY Maritime College prides itself on an adaptive curriculum and programs that respond to the maritime industry’s complex and evolving needs.  We look forward to working with Attentive Energy in the areas of research and scholarship, academic programs, workforce development programs, and K-12 and community outreach and engagement,” said Rear Admiral Michael Alfultis, President, SUNY Maritime College.

“We congratulate Attentive Energy One on the selection of their 1,400 MW offshore wind energy project in the state’s recent solicitation, and we commend Governor Hochul and NYSERDA for their ongoing commitment to large scale renewable energy projects,” said Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters. “The construction of the Attentive Energy One project will help wind down the Ravenswood Generating Station – which will go a long way toward improving public health in asthma alley – while ushering in a greener grid and enough clean energy to power tens of thousands of New York homes, a big win for the environment and for New York’s clean energy future.”

“Attentive Energy One is a case study on how to do offshore wind right,” said New York Offshore Wind Alliance Director Fred Zalcman. “Through its genuine commitments to community involvement, to transition the local union workforce, and to affirmatively pivot New York City away from reliance on aging fossil plants for its energy needs, as well as its support for the emergence of a local clean energy manufacturing base, Attentive Energy One demonstrates how offshore wind development can and should be done.”

“Attentive Energy One’s project positively impacts people living and working across New York State and further solidifies the Capital Region’s standing as a major offshore wind component manufacturing hub. The Center for Economic Growth looks forward to working as a partner to foster the creation of good paying jobs in this emerging offshore wind supply chain,” said Center for Economic Growth Chief Economic Development Officer Katie Newcombe.


About Attentive Energy One

Attentive Energy One (“AE1”) is an offshore wind project designed to help New York State achieve the twin goals of replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy and establishing a durable local industry with living-wage jobs. The project will deliver a historic environmental justice victory by retiring and replacing a major fossil-fuel power plant with offshore wind power. The project will power over 700,000 New York homes with clean energy produced from an offshore wind farm located in an area approximately 54 miles from its nearest point in New York. Wind power will be delivered directly to a waterfront power plant via a subsea transmission solution that avoids cable landings through beaches and other sensitive recreational areas. As a joint venture between TotalEnergies, Rise Light & Power, and Corio Generation, Attentive Energy One is uniquely positioned to deliver this major offshore wind project for New York. Click here for more information: www.attentiveenergy/AE1

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy company that produces and markets energies: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our more than 100,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in nearly 130 countries, TotalEnergies puts sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of people.

About Rise Light & Power

Rise Light & Power is a Queens, New York based energy asset manager and developer, and is actively transforming its core asset, Long Island City’s Ravenswood Generation Station, into a new clean energy hub Renewable Ravenswood. By redeveloping New York City’s largest power generating facility, Rise will permanently replace fossil fuel power with homegrown renewable energy, while providing a just transition for its existing union workforce and economic opportunities for surrounding communities. Renewable Ravenswood, core to Rise’s growth-oriented strategy, is at the forefront of the ambitious clean energy transition taking place in New York State and will continue to provide reliable and cost-effective electricity for New York City for decades to come. Rise Light & Power is a wholly owned affiliate of LS Power.  

About Corio Generation

Corio Generation is a specialist global offshore wind developer and a portfolio company of Macquarie Asset Management operating on a standalone basis. Corio has one of the world’s largest offshore wind project pipelines, with over 30 GW at various stages of development across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.