December 19th Attentive Energy Two Newsletter

As we close out an exciting year, our team extends a heartfelt thank you to our community and organization partners, pivotal in shaping a clean energy future and moving the offshore wind industry forward. Our end of year newsletter shares recent project updates and announcements from our efforts as Attentive Energy Two in New Jersey.

✨We wish everyone a warm and safe holiday season and a Happy New Year! ✨

See you in 2024!

Looking Back, Moving Forward

On August 4, 2023, Attentive Energy Two’s proposal was submitted into the third New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Offshore Wind Solicitation. The Attentive Energy Two project, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, if awarded, is expected to power more than 600,000 homes and generate $12 billion in economic activity state-wide, demonstrating our commitment to New Jersey’s mission of advancing renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and forging a local industry.

Learn more about our proposed project in the Attentive Energy Two launch press release below!

Community Driven Investments

A central component of the proposal is up to $300 million in community investments supporting a diversity of partners. Learn more about some of our recent community initiatives and programs creating long-lasting investments for NJ communities:

Quality of Life
Learn more about the groundbreaking housing support program we’ve partnered with NJ Shares on, promoting equity and affordability.
Grassroots Coalitions
Our Elizabeth and Paulsboro/Salem Community Advisory Boards are helping to propel our community engagement forward. Here’s how.
NJ Student Days
Discover the exciting Offshore Wind 101 program where we engage with students from the Boys and Girls Club of Gloucester County in an immersive experience. Learn more.
Youth Empowerment
Introducing the Innovation Station – the new mobile STEAM resource center for the Girls Scouts of the Jersey Shore, bringing opportunities to underserved communities.

Prioritizing Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation

Attentive Energy Two’s commitment to a science-based approach and protecting natural resources is a core tenet of project development. We have been on the ground with project partners to explore and deploy research partnerships and educational programs related to sustainability, open space, marine life and environmental conservation.

Advancing Equity and Innovation
Committed to support small and diverse businesses, read more about our partnership with the NJ Small Business Development Centers and anchoring, SeaAhead, a blue-tech cross-sector innovation hub in the Garden State.
Greening the Local Supply Chain
Learn about our collaboration with the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership to establish a thriving local supply chain, fostering sustainable manufacturing opportunities that will play a pivotal role in bolstering the offshore wind industry in NJ.

Jersey Made: Workforce Development and Labor Partnerships

Attentive Energy Two is working with partners to build a local and diverse workforce, promoting equality of economic opportunities and eliminating barriers to participation and increasing new pathways to this new opportunity

Expanding Pathways
In partnership with NJ’s IBEW Local 400, we will be expanding upon existing pre-apprenticeships to reach underserved communities and offering specialized offshore wind safety trainings. Read more.
Local GWO Training 
Learn how our collaboration with the EASRCC is promoting diversity in pre-apprenticeship programming and equipping New Jersey residents with the essential skills to safely develop NJ’s offshore industry.
Future Workforce
Working closely with the New Jersey Institute of Technology, discover how we’ll be supporting and preparing Graduate and Doctoral students to explore careers in offshore wind.

Interested in joining the Attentive Energy team? Be sure to check out our Career Page for more information on upcoming career and internship opportunities:

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