Introducing Attentive Energy One

February 9, 2023

Attentive Energy One combines the global resources and offshore expertise of TotalEnergies with Rise Light & Power’s proven track record of powering New York City and its deep community relationships to deliver a project for New York.

Powered by offshore wind, Attentive Energy One will deliver clean energy, local jobs, and environmental justice for New York. The Project’s key highlights include:

Repurposing 400 MW of Fossil Fuel Generation

Attentive Energy One will benefit historically marginalized communities by retiring 1960’s fossil generation in New York City and reusing its physical and electrical infrastructure to cost-effectively deliver offshore wind power. Attentive Energy One will advance a community-driven initiative that is based on extensive outreach to the neighborhoods of Astoria and Long Island City and seeks to repurpose the Ravenswood Generating Station into a clean energy hub.

A Just Transition and Opportunities for Union Workers 

Attentive Energy One is making unprecedented commitments to the just transition of the union workforce, including union jobs servicing the project based at the new Ravenswood O&M Hub.

In connection with this, Attentive Energy One will fund training initiatives to ensure the workforce is prepared for the transition to renewables, as well as launch an innovative training facility for union workers to receive Global Wind Organization certification.

Making New York City an Offshore Wind Hub

Attentive Energy One establishes a broad-reaching community and environmental investment, commitments to local jobs, workforce and supply chain development, and a focus on disadvantaged communities.

Attentive Energy One will facilitate the construction of a new world-class port facility in New York City that will generate jobs in connection with our project for decades to come.

Visit the Attentive Energy One Project page to learn more.