Newsletter: Attentive Energy Engages with the Community on Offshore Wind in New York

July 11, 2023

Powered by Offshore Wind,
Attentive Energy One Will Deliver
Clean Energy, Local Jobs, and
Environmental Justice for New York

Attentive Energy Engages with the Community on Offshore Wind in New York

Attentive Energy continues to strengthen its relationships throughout New York by giving local community members opportunities to learn more about what offshore wind in the state will look like in the future.

Check out the sections below to see what the team has been up to in New York!

Empowering Western Queens: Attentive Energy One and Rise Light & Power Hosted A Community Fair for Clean Energy Transformation

The Western Queens community was recently invited to join an open house event covering Renewable Ravenswood and the Attentive Energy One offshore wind project. The event was graciously hosted by Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement in their Queensbridge location, just blocks away from the project’s proposed point of interconnection at the Ravenswood Generating Station.

As part of the ambitious Renewable Ravenswood vision, this project aims to revolutionize a power plant in Western Queens, transitioning it into a hub of clean energy and a catalyst for positive change.

The event offered a unique opportunity for the Western Queens community to envision a cleaner, more sustainable future. With over 200 residents in attendance, the event served as a testament to the community’s interest and determination to shape the future of their neighborhood and advocate for projects like Attentive Energy One that deliver environmental justice and clean air.

By incorporating interactive elements into the community forum, residents could ask questions, voice their opinions, and contribute to the decision-making process.

Here’s just a sample of what local residents had to say:

  • “I’m excited that [Rise Light & Power and Attentive Energy] involved the community in their proposals and ideas for better air.”
  • “I’m excited that my children might have a clean world to live in.”
  • “I want to know how else I can help making sure we have clean air.”
  • “We have high rates of asthma and need clean air. There are lots of children who suffer.”
  • “I’m excited this project has a purpose. Our children need clean air.”

Check out what we learned and more insights from the community by reading the full blog post here:
Empowering Western Queens: Attentive Energy One and Rise Light & Power Host A Community Forum for Clean Energy Transformation

What We’ve Been Up To

Sponsoring the Schooner Apollonia’s May Sail Freight Voyage

For the month of May, Attentive Energy One sponsored the Schooner Apollonia’s sail freight voyage along the Hudson River. The vessel is reviving ports and commerce along the Hudson while revolutionizing sustainable shipping! The AE1 team was thrilled to sponsor a visionary initiative powered by wind.

Billion Oyster Project’s Annual Student Symposium

The Attentive Energy One team was at the New York Harbor School on Governor’s Island for Billion Oyster Project’s Annual Student Symposium to support over 400 students from across New York City who showcased their research and projects related to conservation of local waterways!

NYCEDC’s Summer of Offshore Wind on Staten Island Offshore Wind Opportunities: A Workshop for Small Businesses

Attentive Energy One co-hosted a roundtable with the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and MRV Group to help businesses get contract-ready for offshore wind. It was a successful day discussing offshore wind business pathways of opportunity in New York and making new connections with suppliers.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Energy Summit & Expo

The Attentive Energy One team joined the economic development conversation at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Energy Summit & Expo. The team heard from City and State government officials, industry pioneers, and small businesses leading the clean energy transition across many sectors!

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