Attentive Energy Grows Leadership Team in New York Bight

Appoints Offshore Wind Veteran Paul Phifer as Director of Permitting and Development

Jersey City, N.J./Boston, Mass. – Attentive Energy, an offshore wind leaseholder in the New York Bight, announced today the hiring of Dr. Paul Phifer as the Permitting and Development Director. Dr. Phifer has a long history of working on offshore wind and environmental policy, most recently, as the Permitting Manager for Atlantic Shore Offshore Wind.

“Following a successful New York Bight auction, Paul fills a critical leadership role at Attentive Energy as we continue to build our strong team and responsibly develop the Lease Area,” said Christen Wittman, Project Director of Attentive Energy. “His experience positions the team to reach key project milestones that advance Attentive Energy’s community-first mission in collaboration with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.”

As the Permitting and Development Director, Dr. Phifer’s role will encompass all aspects of project development and planning including, public scoping, site investigations, and environmental impact assessments.  He will also be responsible for development and execution of critical external affairs and outreach strategies, including community and stakeholder engagement, governmental affairs, as well as the overall public positioning of Attentive Energy within the growing offshore wind market.

Prior to joining Atlantic Shores, Phifer spent 20 years working for the US federal government, at both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Department of State. Dr. Phifer holds a PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota as well as a B.A . in Philosophy from Boston College.

Dr. Phifer is the most recent addition to a growing Permitting and Development team at Attentive Energy with roots in the offshore wind industry.  In the months after the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s New York Bight Lease auction in February 2022, Attentive Energy added seasoned environmental planner, permitting and compliance manager, Laura Klewicki, as Federal Permitting Specialist, former New Hampshire Offshore Wind Industry Development Director, Michael Berhmann, as Economic and Workforce Development Manager, and experienced marine, coastal, and benthic ecologist, Allyn Sullivan, as Environmental Affairs Specialist.


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