Nicolas Cambefort

VP Project Delivery

As VP project delivery, Nicolas prepares the execution of the Attentive Energy Project with a focus on securing the construction and operation phases.

Nicolas is a project director with over 30 years of experience in the development of large capital projects and has progressed his career through the different steps of project management in various international contexts and environments.

Through his many experiences of project management at TotalEnergies, from onshore development in Venezuela to offshore development in Norway and the USA, Nicolas has experience dealing with the various challenges faced by projects today. Nicolas was the director of the TotalEnergies project division of Indonesia in Jakarta from 2010-2014 before returning to Paris HQ as Deputy of Corporate Project Division.

Since 2016, Nicolas has held multiple Project Director positions for large projects. He is eager to drive every project to meet defined objectives while keeping in mind the benefits expected by stakeholders.

Nicolas holds a Masters degree in Engineering.