Attentive Energy Advances Offshore Wind Projects with Cutting-Edge Technology Deployment

The Fugro SEAWATCH® floating LiDAR /metocean buoy will remain at sea for a year taking wind, oceanographic, and environmental measurements

SEAWATCH® buoy ready for departure – GO Adventurer at Miller’s Launch
Deployment of the seabed frame   

New York, NY, January 12, 2024 – Attentive Energy deployed a state-of-the-art Fugro SEAWATCH®floating LiDAR (light detection and ranging) buoy on January 5th, 2024, within their designated federal Lease Area. This significant milestone follows extensive planning and the approval of all necessary permits, including the critical Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Site Assessment Plan approved in December 2023. This is a key milestone for Attentive Energy as it sets our first long term equipment installation within the Lease Area.

The SEAWATCH® buoy, which was mobilized from Miller’s Launch in Staten Island, will be operated by Fugro. This milestone plays a pivotal role in collecting data crucial for optimizing wind yield projections for the Attentive Energy projects. The system will measure wind speed and direction to help determine the best locations and positions for wind turbines on the federally leased area, as well as capture data on wave parameters, sea temperature, salinity, turbidity, and noise. In addition to wind monitoring, the buoy features sensors to measure marine growth, tools for fish species monitoring, a wildlife tracking system for bird and bat observation, and an acoustic hydrophone for marine mammal call monitoring.

SEAWATCH® buoy at work in the lease area

The SEAWATCH® buoy will be operational for at least one year and is powered by four solar panels and rechargeable batteries, incorporating an Automatic Information System (AIS) for enhanced tracking capabilities. Attentive Energy has collaborated closely with regulatory authorities, including the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Coast Guard, to secure all necessary permits for the buoy’s deployment, operation, and decommissioning.

“Attentive Energy remains committed to driving innovation in renewable energy and anticipates valuable insights from the deployed SEAWATCH® buoy, contributing to the advancement of our offshore wind projects. Deployment of this equipment on the heels of our Site Assessment Plan approval is an important part of our responsible offshore wind development goals,” said Damian Bednarz, Managing Director, Attentive Energy.

“Fugro is pleased to be working with Attentive Energy on this early step of the Site Appraisal and Concept Design process. With more than 10 years of experience deploying our unique SEAWATCH® wind LiDAR buoy technology, including 7 years of continuous operations on the U.S. East Coast, we’re helping reduce uncertainty in project design for long-term success,” said Andrew Cooper, Fugro’s Regional Director of Offshore Wind.