Attentive Energy Proposes Ambitious Offshore Wind Investments to Power New Jersey Forward 

  • Proposal Designed for Statewide Benefits that Anchor Major Economic and Innovation Opportunities  
  • Community Feedback Drives Key Strategic Initiatives  

(October 2, 2023) – Attentive Energy has submitted an impactful proposal in response to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ third offshore wind solicitation offering to supply New Jersey with up to 1,342 MW of clean and renewable offshore wind energy. The Attentive Energy Two project, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, if awarded, is expected to power more than 600,000 homes and generate $12 billion in economic activity state-wide, demonstrating our commitment to New Jersey’s mission of advancing renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and forging a local industry.  

Located over 42 miles east of Seaside Heights in federal waters, the Attentive Energy Two project will enhance the quality of life for New Jersey residents, contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of communities throughout the State. This includes emissions reductions equivalent to removing 10% of cars from New Jersey roads or 1.3 million tons of carbon removed annually, improving the State’s air quality. One turbine will produce enough energy in a typical half hour to power an average New Jersey household for an entire year. 

This project will advance local economic development and workforce by delivering up to 15,000 job-years for New Jersey residents. As a key underpinning of local job creation, Attentive Energy will provide an anchor order to establish an offshore wind tower manufacturing facility at the New Jersey Wind Port. The project will also strengthen the Wind Port’s position as a marshalling yard for US offshorewind. This commitment is coupled with investments in EEW’s monopile facility in Paulsboro that will support future projects across the East Coast. These initiatives reinforce New Jersey’s foundational investments in a local offshore wind supply chain.  In addition to these economic commitments, Attentive Energy has signed an agreement with five local unions to develop a Project Labor Agreement, further committing that the Project’s construction work will be performed by union labor. 

“As a responsive and forward-thinking concept for offshore wind, this project puts community first on and off the shore. We are excited about the opportunity to work with New Jersey to help reach the state’s ambitious clean energy goals while driving economic growth and improving the lives of all New Jerseyans,” said Damian Bednarz, Managing Director, Attentive Energy. “The Attentive Energy Two proposal affirms our commitment to accelerate renewable energy and combat the climate crisis head-on in these crucial times.” 

“Offshore wind represents an incredible opportunity for the people of New Jersey, and we are deeply proud to be a part of the Attentive Energy Two project,” said Eric Thumma, US Head for Corio Generation. “We believe the project will not only bring affordable, clean energy to the Garden State, but also create good green jobs and ensure a lasting positive legacy for communities here for decades to come. We are fully confident that offshore wind will play a major role in the future of the U.S. economy, and we are delighted that New Jersey will be at the forefront of this new growth sector, helping to power America forward.” 

Community-Driven Investments

Attentive Energy’s journey started in 2018 when the team began conversations with New Jersey stakeholders and communities nearly four years prior to securing federal Lease Area OCS-A 0538. Over this time, the Attentive Energy team has actively engaged with hundreds of stakeholders across the state, listening to their insights and learning how to develop this opportunity together.  

Informed by the knowledge gained from these relationships, Attentive Energy has developed a holistic offshore wind proposal that will create generational opportunities statewide reaching all 21 counties with programs and investments. 

A central component of the proposal is up to $300 million in community investments supporting a diversity of partners across environmental justice; labor, workforce, and supply chain; education; biodiversity and conservation; research and development; and other sectors. Through our project’s commitments, 97% of the investments are designed to serve Overburdened Communities.  

In each of Attentive Energy’s initiatives, we look at communities that have been left behind for too long. Attentive Energy Two, in collaboration with grassroots coalitions of community-based organizations – representing Elizabeth, Paulsboro, and Salem – will launch a new community advisory model between industry and stakeholders as the offshore wind sector grows and creates new pathways for a local diverse workforce and supply chain. These advisory boards will serve as models for other coalitions to be created throughout the State. 

Attentive Energy advances the voices of the environmental justice community through the creation of an innovative environmental justice social impact grant challenge to be administered by a New Jersey-based organization. The grants will provide funding to frontline environmental justice leaders and organizations across the State, increasing access to funding for the communities experiencing the greatest inequities and elevating the voices of leaders of color in the climate space. 

Jersey Made: Anchoring the Local Supply Chain   

Attentive Energy is committed to ensuring that Minority-owned, Women-owned, Veteran-owned businesses and Small Business Enterprises have a seat at the table.  

Localizing and diversifying the supply chain has been at the forefront of Attentive Energy’s mission, underscored by the launch of the first state-wide small/diverse business and nonprofit survey to evaluate the challenges and business development pathways for these groups to enter the offshore wind industry. DEIJ industry conversations are core to our project and have shaped our commitment of $69 million to work with partners to localize the supply chain and workforce, promoting equality of economic opportunities and eliminating barriers to participation.  

Reigniting the State of Innovation 

From Edison to Bell Labs, New Jersey has been a key leader in creating innovation ecosystems, bolstered by cutting edge research and development.  Attentive Energy honors this tradition through a commitment of $47 million in partnerships to stand-up a suite of investments that will catalyze new advances in renewable energy research, development, and technology. These investments include a pioneering project with a cutting-edge incubator to help New Jersey-based small businesses scale their innovations, the creation of new degree programs with the State’s prominent research universities to strengthen the local research talent pipeline, and other partnerships that will cut across workforce development and community engagement to build an integrated innovation ecosystem in New Jersey.  

Prioritizing Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation  

Attentive Energy’s commitment to a science-based approach and protecting natural resources is a core tenet of project development. Attentive Energy aims to achieve a no net loss of biodiversity and commercial fishing revenue and a net positive impact to targeted species. In 2019, Attentive Energy became the first non-leaseholder to hire a Fisheries Liaison who facilitated the release of a fishing specific survey and the Project’s first Fisheries Communications Plan. These commitments are backed with at least $30 million for environmental and fisheries initiatives, anchored by a pioneering partnership with Rutgers University to conduct research and monitoring surrounding marine mammals, birds, oceanographic and fisheries issues. 

Track Record of Global and Local Energy Deployment 

Currently employing more than 300 individuals across different industrial portfolios – from solar projects with the Delaware River Port Authority to manufacturing with Hutchinson Industries – TotalEnergies embodies decades of commitment to New Jersey. This local footprint is coupled with robust global project experience deploying offshore wind and other large offshore energy projects. Collectively, TotalEnergies and Corio Generation have one of the largest offshore wind portfolios in the world at 40 GW and a proven successful partnership in project development from South Korea to the United Kingdom. 

Combined Expertise of Project Partners 

Attentive Energy’s shareholders, TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, are developing two projects, totaling some 3,000 megawatts, to supply renewable energy to communities across both New Jersey and New York.  

Attentive Energy leverages TotalEnergies’ and Corio Generation’s technical expertise, strong financial resources, and extensive experience in the offshore wind sector.  

  • TotalEnergies, a multi-energy company, has expertise in offshore operations and maintenance through its global activities. TotalEnergies is already developing offshore wind projects with a combined capacity of more than 13 GW. TotalEnergies has an active portfolio of energy and industrial facilities in New Jersey including the Linden Lubricants Facility and Hutchinson Industries, as well as B2B solar projects with the Delaware River Port Authority. 
  • Corio Generation is a specialist global offshore wind developer and a portfolio company of Macquarie Asset Management operating on a standalone basis. Corio has one of the world’s largest offshore wind project pipelines, with over 30 GW at various stages of development across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.  

Statewide Support: 

“New Jersey’s bold clean energy goals create a historic opportunity to advance access to family-supporting jobs and careers. New Jersey’s Community Colleges, through our Center of Workforce Innovation for Offshore Wind, are committed to partnering with Attentive Energy and the entire industry to build an inclusive, skilled workforce for the thousands of future job opportunities,’’ said Catherine F. Starghill, Esq., Executive Director from New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development  

Meeting New Jersey’s 80×50 goal (reducing 80% of Green House Gas emissions by 2050) requires we expedite the transition from fossil fuels electricity generation to renewable energy sources. Given Attentive Energy’s organizational experience in offshore wind, including decades of experience related to offshore energy development, it’s in the public interest to support Attentive Energy’s NJ3 application,’’  said Sean Mohen, Executive Director, Tri-County Sustainability.    

“Awarding this contract to Attentive Energy, the State will have the opportunity to stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and foster the development of a robust and sustainable clean energy industry within our borders,” said Michael Egenton, Executive Vice President, Government Relations, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.   

“Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is grateful for the collaborative partnership with Attentive Energy that accelerates our ability to provide girls with the tools and mentorship to make a difference in their communities. Together, we can serve our mission to empower the change-makers of the future and help girls thrive, lead, and make the world a better place. The commitment of Attentive Energy to youth engagement; diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice; and thought leadership will have a profound effect on those we serve,” said Heather Coburn, CEO, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore. 

“Clean energy innovation is essential to domestic energy security, mitigating climate change, and establishing a robust onshore economy,” said Dr. Michael E. Zwick, Senior Vice President for Research at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. “Rutgers is committed to supporting the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ mission to develop a responsible offshore wind industry in New Jersey.  We strive to be a nexus between industry, government, and academia in New Jersey. Our faculty, staff and students are committed to being a collaborative community. Together, we will tackle emerging ecological and technical hurdles through our research, assist in vetting new wind energy technologies, and educate a workforce so that all of New Jersey will benefit from the resulting economic growth. Rutgers University is excited to partner with Attentive Energy and to support their effort to deliver offshore wind energy that will empower NJ communities, create workforce pathways for NJ citizens, and deliver science-backed information and policy guidance that will inform the public as New Jersey and the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions.”    

“Returning Citizens Support Group is excited to be in partnership with Attentive Energy as we develop a workforce development program that will create sustainable job opportunities for returning citizens,” said Edwin Ortiz, Founder and Executive Director, Returning Citizens Support Group.  

“Native American Advancement Corps is pivotal as a supporting agency for Attentive Energy in the offshore wind industry and broader climate and environmental action. By working alongside Attentive Energy, NAAC contributes to advancing renewable energy while prioritizing ecological responsibility and cultural sensitivity, making it essential to promote sustainable and respectful practices within the renewable energy sector. Together, we are building economic opportunities for individuals and businesses while focusing on uplifting disadvantaged and overburdened communities. Combining our resources, expertise, and dedication creates a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable future for all,” said Tyrese Gould Jacinto, President and CEO, Native American Advancement Corporation  

“Wind energy can transform this region and positively impact our environment. Attentive Energy recognizes the potential impact on the economy as well. We are excited to participate in a partnership where this new opportunity will benefit the entire community including youth organizations such as ours. We appreciate Attentive Energy’s commitment to the Paulsboro community,” said Tay Walker, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County.    

“Attentive Energy reached out to us in an effort to learn more about our longstanding environmental education programming. After our initial meeting it was clear that by working together each of us – Riverkeeper and Attentive – could leverage our existing mission and values of community engagement and empowerment. In so doing, Hackensack Riverkeeper is able to increase our outreach and build up economic opportunities for individuals and institutions – especially increasing benefits to marginalized / overburdened communities,” said Captain Bill Sheehan, Hackensack Riverkeeper.   

“IBEW Local 400 is thrilled to be partnering with Attentive Energy to create new training and apprenticeship opportunities for our members.  As we begin our transition to renewable energy sources in New Jersey, we challenge developers to approach the transition equitably, preserving good union jobs, growing our skilled workforce and expanding opportunities to overburdened communities. Attentive Energy has met this challenge by working with the IBEW to understand our members’ expansive skillsets and joining us as a thought partner in a just transition. We look forward to all that we will do together for the state of New Jersey and continuing to grow a green economy for years to come,” said Robert Shimko, Business Manager at IBEW Local Union 400.   

“Salem county is uniquely positioned to become an important and economically vital offshore wind hub,” said Betsy McBride, Executive Director of Stand Up for Salem, a community development corporation in Salem City. ”The intersection of offshore wind development, maritime ports, and economic development, including investment in workforce development facilities in the city, will be critical in bringing renewable energy and maritime jobs to South Jersey.”  

“We are excited that Attentive Energy has shown a strong interest to support EEW AOS’s Phase 3 at the Paulsboro monopile facility. This will create hundreds of additional South Jersey manufacturing jobs beyond the current commitments with other offshore wind developers. We look forward to taking next steps together to expand the offshore wind supply chain in New Jersey,” said Lee Laurendeau, CEO, EEW American Offshore Structures.   

“Attentive Energy has shown an understanding of the needs and interests within our community regarding offshore wind. At Brookdale, we are committed to empowering our students and local small businesses by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed and we believe Attentive Energy is similarly committed to cultivating a prosperous economic future for New Jersey residents through offshore wind. We look forward to working together on this path of economic advancement and opportunity in Monmouth County and beyond,” said David M. Stout, President, Brookdale Community College.  

“On behalf of the Ironworkers, I am proud to support Attentive Energy’s proposal, which assures opportunities for a skilled union workforce across the state, supports apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs, and offers thoughtful solutions for sustainable economic development. This is the right project to make sure that New Jersey harnesses the full potential of offshore wind,” said Richard Sweeney, Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 399.   

“With a changing ecosystem, the NJSBDC is extremely supportive of working with organizations that will make a difference. We are excited to be partnering with Attentive Energy’s mission of ensuring our state is being pro-active in the renewable energy arena. We are thrilled to be part of the solution of ensuring small and medium size businesses have the access and ability to make a difference in NJ.  Through education, mentorship, and hands-on assistance, we are confident that our women, minority, Veterans, and LGBTQ businesses will have the resources to be part of this amazing opportunity,” said Kelly Brozyna, State Director and CEO, New Jersey Small Business Development Center.    

“We’re thrilled to be a partner with Attentive Energy as they work to move offshore wind forward here in New Jersey. NJMEP will be working hand in hand to ensure this emerging industry and partners like Attentive Energy have all the support they need from the ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturing community. With our team of Offshore Wind specialists that is currently engaged in research & development, conservation, workforce assessments, local supplier discovery and advocacy, we stand ready to ensure New Jersey’s energy future has the greatest positive impact on New Jersey manufacturers and thank the Attentive Energy team for keeping our domestic manufacturing base in mind,” said Peter C. Connolly, CEO, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership.  

“The introduction of clean energy to Paulsboro and Salem communities brings more than the necessary environmental change needed.  The transformation also presents a dramatic shift to our economic, employment, educational and societal disparities, where we will optimize from the benefits this project presents. I am confident in Attentive Energy’s ability to bring this change to fruition,” said Captain Timi Lindsay, US Navy (Retired), CEO, Anchor Leadership Solutions. 

“Attentive Energy continues to engage in meaningful and measurable engagement and local content capacity building for the residents that they look to serve. This includes tremendous work for workforce and economic mobility efforts within environmental justice communities,” said Glenn O. Vickers II, Managing Director of supplier diversity and infrastructure development, MRV Group.