Press Release

Attentive Energy One Proposes Over $25 Billion in Benefits to New York, Including a New Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facility and Statewide Supply Chain Investments

Attentive Energy One announced that its proposal to NYSERDA would, if approved, result in $25.6 billion in benefits to New York State. One of the cornerstones of its plans is a flagship manufacturing agreement with General Electric, located at the Port of Coeymans, in the Capital Region.

Press Release

Attentive Energy Proposes $1.5 Million Teen Academy in New Net-Zero Energy Clubhouse at Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens

Attentive Energy One visited the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens this week to announce a $1.5 million commitment towards a new Teen Academy as part of its proposal to NYSERDA.

In The News

Attentive Energy and MRV Group Release Results of First Statewide Small/Diverse Business Survey for New York to Highlight the Experiences of Businesses and Nonprofits in Entering the Offshore Wind Supply Chain

Attentive Energy One and MRV Group released the results of the first statewide small business and nonprofit survey for New York State to evaluate small business participation in the offshore wind industry.

Project Update

Introducing Attentive Energy One

Attentive Energy One combines the global resources and offshore expertise of TotalEnergies with Rise Light & Power’s proven track record of powering New York City and its deep community relationships to deliver a project for New York. Powered by offshore wind, Attentive Energy One will deliver clean energy, local jobs, and environmental justice for New York.