More Wind in the Sails for New Jersey Sustainable Sail Freight

Schooner Apollonia Teams Up with Attentive Energy for a Season of New Jersey Port Calls and Moving Goods Sustainably Across the Region  

Carteret, July 2, 2024 – Environmental advocates, public officials and industry leaders are buzzing about ways to shift more freight traffic away from our crowded roads and bridges, and onto our waterways using Blue Highways. One ship that has exemplified this mission since 2020 is set to expand its wind-powered carbon-neutral freight delivery in New Jersey this year. 

Schooner Apollonia, a sustainable sail freight vessel powered almost entirely by wind, solar, and tide, is planning port calls in Carteret, Hoboken, and in Monmouth County, New Jersey between June and September 2024. The Apollonia crew works with local port partners to make first- and last-mile deliveries to and from the docks using a cargo bike and trailer (human-powered with e-assist from the ship’s solar panels) as well as a network of “Shore Angels” who assist with electric vehicles.   

Increasingly, mariners and environmentalists and policymakers are seeking traditional solutions to modern problems related to freight traffic. Attentive Energy is aligned with the goals of using the power of wind to create local sustainable solutions to combat climate change.  Apollonia ships a range of goods up and down the Hudson River and New York Harbor including malted barley, lumber, stone, honey, coffee and other dried goods.   

Kicking off the season in Carteret, the Schooner crew, along with Attentive Energy team members, loaded over two tons of green coffee. A volunteer brought coffee beans from Edison, NJ with an electric vehicle to load onto the vessel and will eventually make its way to three roasters. This is the largest volume of coffee the Schooner Apollonia has transported on a voyage to date.  

“We’re excited to continue to expand our wind shipping network in New Jersey this season,” said Captain Sam Merrett, “The power of the wind is here, it’s proven, and it does real work to decarbonize.”  

In September, Schooner Apollonia plans to open sail freight service to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey with Attentive Energy’s assistance. More details for events in conjunction with the first Monmouth County port call will be forthcoming over the summer.  

“Attentive Energy is thrilled to support the Schooner Apollonia’s sail freight voyages along the Hudson River this summer while revolutionizing sustainable shipping at our local ports. Our team shares in the mission of expanding sustainable initiatives across New Jersey and we look forward to continuing this partnership throughout the season,” said Damian Bednarz, Managing Director at Attentive Energy.   

About Attentive Energy:   

Attentive Energy is a local offshore wind company that has been actively developing clean energy across New York and New Jersey since 2018. Attentive is building upon the recently awarded Attentive Energy Two Project, which is designed to help New Jersey meet its nation-leading offshore wind targets and will strengthen and expand upon the State’s foundational offshore wind investments. Attentive Energy Two is developing a holistic offshore wind project, that will create economic opportunities statewide reaching all 21 counties. 

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